Tradition handed down from father to son

The estate:
Wine growers
There are definitely predestined men, who have a path set out before them to work.
I think I belong to this group of men.
It was, in fact, on 18 September 1989 when my family took possession of the Nanfro estate, small farm near Caltagirone, continuing the ancient art of winemaking handed down to me by my father.
Wine and wine-making are a family passion, passed down through generations, and which constitute a link to my rootsmy land, and to my tradition.
For me, the vines are not just a place to work in, they are my home, my familythey are the pains and joys we have experienced and gone through over the years, the effort of our work and our reward for all the passion and commitment that we devote to our plants.
From that distant 1989 to the first bottles produced in 1992, a lifetime seemed to go past to me.
In this slow transformation I wanted everything around me and everything I produced to resemble me as far as possible. I wanted our products to bear the imprint and memory of the care with which they were monitored, I wanted them to be different, exclusive, unique as unique as the passion that binds me to them.


Cared for with love and dedication

the vineyard

I really wanted my wines to be able to surprise in terms of their goodness and willingness to be drunk.

I wanted them to be organicas a natural consequence of the profound respect I have for the working environment around me and whch gives me its harvest.

I realized, in all this time, how important it is to feel one with your earth and its tradition.

I wanted to share the passion and love for my territory and its products to the public by opening my estate and creating a place to discover, learn about, taste and experience the fruits of our vineyards and our olive grove.

In my agro-tourism you can stay amidst the peace and poetry of this land steeped in tradition and in my restaurant you can enjoy all the taste of our genuine products.

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