We produce our wine with care

the wine cellar
wine-making technologies
wine aged in barrels

The Antica Tenuta del Nanfro, while fully respecting nature, uses the best wine-making technologies.

In our cellars, grapes, grown using organic agriculture and selected carefully, are fermented at a controlled temperature.

We use the soft press for processing and vats, highly advanced technologies for wine production.

The aging process takes place in barriques, in oak barrels, in full and timely respect for natural wine cycles and, after bottling in our plant, the bottles are left to rest in cold storage.


Technology and tradition

wine cellar

What always motivates us in our work, however, is the passion and love we have for our land and its products.

In the vineyards, we monitor the grapes from our first buds to full maturity and the berry and, in the cellar, we make sure all processing stages are followed in line with the tradition of our ancestors and the natural rhythms of wine-making.

The technology helps us to monitor and control the entire process to be able to bottle a wine that is always excellent, selected, of great value.

The result of our work is a different wine, unique, which carries with it the memory of the care it has received.

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