History and Tradition


The vineyard is an ecosystem in itself where the development of the vine and fruit production create a unique bond with the environment and territory in which it grows.

Because the harvest is fruitful is, therefore, we need a comprehensive approach that also look at the characteristics of the soil and its exposure, to the climate and the properties of each plant.

I immediately understood that the best approach to the earth is that of balance and respect.

Respect for the times and for the characteristics of the land, for the whole biosystem and natural cycles, but also deep respect for the traditions, history and local resources.

In our company, Certified Organic since 1998, we have always exploited the natural wealth and fertility of our soil and intervene in growing always only in limited fashion with carefully considered actions which mirror nature's timing and pace to draw its fruits form the ground.



Natural nature

Nanfro wine

Choosing to embrace the philosophy of biological means above all, as men from the earth create their work, choose not to have impact on the environment and intervene more and more with full respect, continually seeking sustainable agricultural development.


All this means above all avoiding the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and antibiotics and not using GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and clones resistant to diseases.

To cultivate our land we adhere to the rules laid down in Regulation 2092/91 guaranteed by the QC&I International Services.


I am convinced that the health of wine and consequently our own, starts with the earth and the love and attention set aside for the vineyard.

A vineyard cultivated naturally without chemicals means tastier, more real, more fragrant grapes, and thus, also a more genuine and sincere wine.

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