Green gold


Noble product, the basis of all our recipes, rich in beneficial properties, nutritionally rich, seasoning prince of a healthy and natural diet, olive oil is a valuable asset.

It brings with it the memory of our land's entire history, of centuries of culture and tradition.


My extra virgin olive oil San Mauro has a nice deep green color that can only be achieved by squeezing the freshly picked olives.

It 'a delicate oil, full-bodied which contains in its balanced taste all the love and passion we dedicate to our olive trees.


Our care in all stages of production enables us to produce an oil that keeps it lovely fragrance a long time as well as its organoleptic characteristics.

The olives are picked by hand and the milling is done cold.

The result is an pure oil, intense aroma reminiscent of freshly cut grass and the taste is reminiscent of green tomatoes and artichokes.


Come and taste it in our restaurant or take the scents of our land back home with you.

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