A place full of charm and history

Caltagirone staircase
Caltagirone ceramics

Very ancient story that of Caltagirone, so old as to have almost the taste of a myth.

A city rich in history and charm, precious, magnificent, magnificent in its opulence and its mystery made of quiet streets that lead to magnificent palaces and ancient churches whose elegant steeples tower over an infinite landscape.


In this magical land you can breathe the soul of an ancient civilization that still lives and is renewed every day in a culture that is increasingly rich and always in turmoil.

This is Sicily: a land of history and culture that is art, but above all it is belonging to the place, the traditions, the territory, the ancient masteries handed down.

The wine and good wine are also this: they are history, a constant link with our past, an intimate relationship with the land that feeds us, and with the historical events and people that have made this possible.


Choose our land for your holidays. Visit our agro-tourism and stop to visit our land, its rolling hills, the art that is hidden in every corner and in every view, become drunk with the perfumes of our sites.

The Antica Tenuta del Nanfro is a great place to stay, from which to explore the territory and to which to return to still enjoy the quiet of its valuable views.

How to get here

Signs to Caltagirone


HIGHWAY CT-PA (A19): take Exit Enna in direction Piazza Armerina- s. Michele di Caltagirone Ganzaria-


Motorway ME-CT (A18): go to Catania, then follow signs to Gela / Caltagirone (SS417) and follow the signs to Caltagirone North


SAIS BUS: tel 091 6166028 0935500902



Tourist Information Office

phone: 0933 34191- 0933 351073; fax: 0933 34191

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