Born of a land worked with passion

organic wines

My aim has always been to create wines of great personality, unique, and which would surprise and be remembered.

My desire is to produce wines con a typical and determined terroir, which would make the person tasting my Cerasuolo di Vittoria or my Insolia aware of the value I give to the wines produced here at Nanfro.


Each bottle of my wine is cured and monitored closely and is born from the passion we put into each working day and the love we feel for our land.

In every sip you can perceive the scent of our land and the echo of the respect we have towards each individual grape ripened under our sun.


Sicilian lands. IGT 


A deep amaranth coloured wine, filled with reflections, teases the palate with a memory of red fruits, spicy and sensual.

With an enveloping and pleasant aroma, it is a pleasant and solid wine, balanced and classy, ​​exciting and full of personality.

Recommended to be paired with the many variations of traditional Italian first courses.

Excellent with shellfish and seafood.

Try also pairing it with semi-seasoned cheeses and fish.



DOCG wine


An ancient wine, whose aroma is rich in historical and cultural memory, linked to the territory and tradition of Caltagirone.

It is composed of 50% Frappato and 50% of Nero d'Avola grapes, it is an honest, fine, elegant, balanced wine with strong character.

Fruity, fresh and fragrant on the palate, it shows a floral bouquet and surprises in terms of its rich taste.

Excellent with first courses and ideal for meat, game and medium aged cheeses.



Vittoria DOC wine

Nero Avola

Brilliant wine, with a strong intense nice red colour. Greets the nose with an intense and exciting fragrance of flowers and cherries.

Tangy and fresh, it is characterized by longevity, elegance and pleasure.

Made in the traditional method in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures, my Nero d'Avola brings out all the flavor and aromas of its earth. Perfect for savory and rich dishes, ideal with meat and vegetables. Try it with pappardelle in pork sauce in our restaurant.


Sicilian lands. IGT


Wine that comes from the oldest indigenous grape of Sicily, rich in history and memories.

A nice bright straw yellow with green reflections.

Very versatile, cool, dry, balanced acidity and softness.

Good drink and good alcohol content.

It is distinguished by its fragrant and harmonious aroma and very pleasant personality.

Excellent with fish, shellfish, seafood, white meat and fresh cheese.


Nero d'Avola and other Sicilian IGT grapes


The territory and soil which nourishes the grapes imbue this deep and elegant wine with a fine and refined character.

The union between the vines is perfect and gives life to an intriguing wine of intense ruby ​​color. Its full-bodied and compact aroma is reminiscent of fruit ripened in the sun.

The flavor is full, complex, gritty.

Perfect to drink now or aged for a decade it goes well with red meat, pork, rich second course and first courses with full bodied sauce in plentitude.


Late Harvest Sicilian IGT


Sweet wine in bright straw yellow colour. Surprising for its fruity aroma reminiscent of apricot jam and the aroma of freshly peeled peaches.

Fresh, elegant, soft, full-bodied and never banal, its final notes are reminiscent of the scent of orange blossom.

It 'a wine that, like the great sweet wines, must grow old and be soothed by time to be able to express the full potential of its personality.

Excellent with fruit tarts and confectionery with candied fruit. Try it with panettone.

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